DJ Gaurav Malvaihot stepped into the music circuit in 1996. Since then he has made parties swing in almost all the continents!



In 1996, when Gaurav Malvai entered the music circuit, he might have not known what the future held for him. But there was one thing he always believed in, and that was to never compromise when it comes to quality. In April 2006, when GSM saw the light of the day, Gaurav knew what he wanted the most was to provide the best quality sound management in order to make all your events a special one. GSM maintained that tradition of quality and gained a niche name for itself not only in the Indian music circuit but also in the Indian social circle. That tradition was never forgotten, which is one of the reasons why GSM is doing great business till date. 

With new additions to the team, GSM is taking sound management to a whole new level never before achieved in the Indian music circuit. We at GSM promise to carry on providing the best of the best and to continue that tradition for times to come.